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The best parts of life are the shared experiences. In communities, the place where people come together is the town square. Town2 Consultancy helps governments and non-profits embrace the art of possibility to implement projects that enrich community life.

The visual icon in our logo is a pair of billboards. These are tools of communication used in conveying the identity and message of a community. Our billboards are blank because they are the slates on which we aim to create futures for our community partners. The superscript2 in our name represents the modern take on our name. It also shows the exponential growth in community futures we create.


There are many pathways to community success. Town2 Consultancy is your partner at every stage. Our services are flexible. Our goal is singular – to help you succeed. We look at your challenge from every angle and develop customized solutions. Our personalized services are only a call or click away.

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